Smart Mobility

The use of Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) is increasing all the time as technology develops and new innovations become available. As the features of systems increase, information exchange between traffic management systems and their features are being continuously developed, making the integration of different partial systems a crucial part of the work.

Our company has over 30 years of experience in implementing different kinds of traffic control and monitoring systems, and we have delivered over 100 traffic control and management systems. We supply also solutions and expert services for challenging traffic infrastructure projects such as rail and road tunnels, as well as bridges and canal locks for water transport.

Our competence in smart mobility includes the following areas:

  • Integrated traffic management systems for roads and motorways
  • Integrated traffic management systems for road and railway tunnels
  • Movable bridge control and traffic management systems
  • Canal lock control and traffic management systems
  • Border checkpoint traffic control and management systems
  • Real-time parking guidance systems

We make full use of all of Dynniq Group’s experience and expertise to benefit our customers. Together with Dynniq, YSP is continuously developing new and innovative solutions for optimising traffic flows, reducing emissions and improving traffic safety. YSP’s most important values are innovativeness, environmental friendliness, proactivity and safety.

Thanks to its long history and extensive experience, YSP can respond to challenges throughout the project’s entire life cycle by offering intelligent mobility solutions from pre-planning to implementation and maintenance.