ICT planning

The level of competence in software development, information systems and telecommunications that is required has risen continuously. YSP has responded to the growing requirements of the business with a group of ICT professionals who, in addition to their own fields of expertise, are experts in automated systems.

YSP has a broad range of expertise in ICT – from software development to maintenance and consultancy. High competence in ICT makes it possible to offer our customers a high-quality and comprehensive service where, in addition to electrical and automation solutions, we develop also the telecommunication, software and interface solutions the systems require. The result is an integrated system that considers the distinct features of different technical parts and guarantees that they are compatible with each other.

Software solutions

Our company has over 15 years’ experience of producing tailored software solutions to meet our customers’ needs and support the automation products we have supplied.

Our company’s speciality in software development is the management of the equipment, systems and interfaces in automation systems, as well as the various reporting tools required by automation systems.

The technologies we use in our software solutions and interfaces we are expert in:

  • Programming environments include; VB.NET, .NET Framework, C#
  • Automation interfaces include; OPC, Modbus TCP
  • Data transfer of applications include; TCP/IP, HTML, XML, web services, REST, JSON
  • SQL databases

Telecommunication network planning

These days, telecommunication solutions form the platform for the operation of all technical systems. Ethernet technology has spread from local area networks to wide customer networks (WAN) that cover entire countries, and through the Internet of Things (IoT), ever more diverse devices are becoming part of telecommunication environments. Customer-specific telecommunication environments are usually part of a global telecommunication network enabling remote connections that are not limited by location or connection type, as well as connections to other systems, such as cloud services. The diversification of devices being connected to telecommunication networks, the geographic magnitude of networks, and diverse remote connections and interfaces to other systems have continually raised the requirement levels for competence in technology and IT security.

YSP’s solid expertise in telecommunication guarantees that its comprehensive, secure telecommunication solutions based on customers’ needs fulfil all the requirements in place today. Our telecommunication services include all different phases of implementing a telecommunication network, from planning to configuration, commissioning and maintenance, as well as expert services and equipment sales.

Our company has extensive expertise in switching devices and routers, TCP/IP, LAN, WAN and mobile networks (WLAN, 2G, 3G, 4G) as well as firewall environments, which enables the planning and implementation of reliable and secure telecommunication solutions.

Traffic Gateway

The aim of the service is to offer our customers a secure and flexible data connection independent of any given operator between local networks and physically separate devices using IP. The service includes all the components needed for making the connection, the documentation for the network as well as the maintenance and monitoring of the connections. The service enables the creation of a user-specific (VPN client) remote connection for managing and maintaining the customer’s system. Users of the service also have rights to the service provider’s publishing server, enabling the easy and safe sharing of documents that are always up to date. Communication in the service is through IP technology.


Our operations are always based on the service description, which is used as the basis for a separate, customer-specific service contract drawn up with the customer. YSP has maintenance contracts covering dozens of control and background systems for many different customers.

Maintenance can include the following operations

  • Troubleshooting and support services for systems
  • Development of systems and consultancy
  • Maintenance of system documentation
  • Maintenance of system applications
  • Condition monitoring and checks

In cases of system failure, YSP’s experts use remote connections to determine the cause of the fault and repair it in accordance with the agreed level of service.